Goodtimer, a Solution for your Child

Do you have little ones? Have you ever had a hard time getting your child to listen to you? Sometimes asking your child politely not to do something doesn’t trigger any action from them. Even more so, asking your child in a more sturdy tone, perhaps some what irritated tone to do something, doesn’t work either. If you have noticed, most children if not all work well with stimulation from a physical and rewarding stand point. This invention, called the Goodtimer, is a wonderful resource parents can use to help tame their child better.

Goodtimer is a device for the parent to display to his or her child visually how they are doing with subordination. So basically, your child would earn good time, if they are following directions. After eight hours of behaving wonderfully, you child will earn a token that they can redeem for prizes. Your child will be given the opportunity to press the device to get that token, which makes them feel good about earning something so valuable.

The Goodtimer understands that children will not always cooperate. In that circumstance, you would turn the Goodtimer upside down. Or you can have your child turn the Goodtimer upside down which is a more definite way to instill in them that its their own loss for not obeying mom and dad. When the Goodtimer is upside down, it pauses the device not allowing the child to earn good time. This means it takes longer to get a token, and in the mean time, no prizes.

The Goodtimer is rechargeable and you can change the time setting for the difficulty level for your child. There is a light on the device for low and high lighting. Base on your light preference, the battery can last 2 days to 4 days of use from one charge. I really see the Goodtimer working well for preschool children. They need that added stimulation to understand proper value of respect and earning it.

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