I know that when I was younger I never had an issue with ever getting lice. But there was always a chance that we would come home with it . And the procedure to get rid of them back then was so harsh.

I know when I hear the word lice it gives me some really bad shivers, but when I was asked to do this review for gotcha covered I said yes I have a nephew that's in pre school and we all know how kids can almost anything and everything.

Use gotchacovered™ hair care products and surface spray for maximum protection against head lice and other insects. Mild and safe enough to use daily. Natural, gentle prevention instead of harsh treatments: Bath Time: gotchacovered’s™ Shampoo and gotchacovered’s™ Conditioner as the first line of defense against lice and other insects. 
Every morning: gotchacovered’s™ Leave-In Detangler orgotchacovered’s™ Styling Gel for an added and fresh layer of lice prevention before the kids head off to school or camp. Daily/As Needed: Apply gotchacovered’s™ Shield Spray on all surfaces, including  hats, helmets, backpacks, pillows, bedding, toys, combs, clips, berets and  other items and hair accessories that may harbor lice, nits and other insects. Moms You Have Been Heard and We've Gotcha Covered: – Kid Friendly Fragrance- Paraben-Free – Sulfate-Free
We like this product and are glad we got to so this review because it's a great way to prevent him from coming home with any friends. We use it everyday as a way to prevent it and were able too. use this everyday  because its gentle enough, and its an added prevention for your child's hair as well as the things they carry everyday. We have used the detangler in his hair and it made it easier to bring a comb through , im sure if he was to get anything this would work as an easy catcher for them.
My favorite item is the gotchacovered™ repellant shield spray, why not stop those little buggers before they invade your hair.Lice aren’t fun to deal with and I don’t want to deal with it and thanks to gotchacovered™ hair care products I won’t.
The generous folks at gotchacovered™ are giving one of my readers a chance to win a full set of 8 oz. Gotcha Covered Lice prevention products,
You can buy gotchacovered™ hair care products online.

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  1. chrissy c says:

    I would use these on my daughter’s hair!

  2. chrissy c says:

    I want to win this to win on my daughters hair.

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