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The perfect gift for someone you do not know what to get for the holiday. The gourmetgiftbaskets.com has so many different baskets to choose from. I had received a basket with brownies and cookies. We love sweet treats…and we know that the people in your life do too!  That's why we created this collection that boasts some of our favorite gourmet baked goods.  Inside our beautiful basket, we've artfully arranged our most beloved rich brownies and tempting cookies, making it perfect either as a gift or for entertaining guests!the basket included.· Cheesecake Brownie 4 oz,

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Belgian Chocolate Chunk Brownie 3.75 oz,

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White Chocolate Mac Cookie (2 pack),

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Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (2 Pack),

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Chocolate Chip Cookie (2 Pack),

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Peanut Butter Cookie (2 Pack).

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They have cookies, caked, popcorn so many different choices. They have from small baskets to big baskets for different prices.the food was very good. For more information click here. For more information click here.

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