Graduation Invitation: What To Include?




Printable graduation invitations are a simple and convenient way to send out a lot of invitations at once. Graduation invitation ideas are everywhere to be found on the internet. The designs and layouts vary between them to suit particular tastes and purposes. Users can run a quick search on several different sites and find downloadable graduation party templates that provide basic information like the date and address. Others leave a little space for a small text block and even a space for an image of the graduate. Whatever a user’s needs, there are millions of different graduation invitation ideas, but what are the basics that they should offer? Keep reading to find out. 


Full Name of Graduate and Others  


The most obvious information to include on any graduation invitation is the name of the student/graduate. While this information may seem like a given, other names should be included along with the graduate’s name. Many graduation invitation templates have space for parents to include their name as well as any other family members they wish to include. 


In making space for parents and other family members, college graduation invitation templates are much like wedding invitations or invitations to any other family-oriented event. But for those graduation party invitation templates that do not make room for including the names of family members, users can always use PDF editing tools to include the names of loved ones in the original document. 


Name of High School, College, University 


The next obvious information to include in any graduation invitation is the name of the academic institution from where the student is graduating. While a majority of graduation ceremonies take place on the grounds of the school or inside it, many also take place in larger areas that can accommodate more attendees, if necessary. 


This means that the school itself is not always the venue for the graduation, which means that the location of the ceremony needs to be stated. Even if the ceremony takes place at the school, then people will still need the name of the high school, college, or university to know where to go. But another reason to include the name of the school the student attended is for prestige, especially if the student is graduating from an Ivy League or private school. 


Degree, Class, and Major 


There’s nothing wrong with celebrating an achievement like graduating school, whether high school, university, or a graduate degree. All the hard work that was put in by the graduate to get to this place deserves recognition. Many graduation invitation forms let families celebrate a singular achievement like completing a degree program. 


Users can insert that information or they can choose to leave it out depending on their discretion. There is always the option of using PDF editing software like Lumin PDF to insert a new line into the invitation. Specifying a degree or accomplishment in an important field like medicine or technology is also acceptable, given the years it took to achieve that goal. 


Time, Date, Location 


You want your guests to know where they’re going, so beyond the graduate’s name, the date, time, and location of the ceremony is the next most important piece of information. This kind of information is usually located at the bottom of the invitation, but placement is up to the sender. The information can come at the top or interspersed within the text body. 


When arranging the sample of the graduation invitation card you can experiment with where to put that information like reducing its size or enlarging it or writing it in a different font from the others or even have it tinted a different color so it stands out a little more. 


RSVP Window 


As families may be having a reception afterward or the schools themselves, it is important to know how many people are attending. This is also important if you need to secure tickets and seats to get into the graduation ceremony if it is a large affair. Most graduation ceremonies also only allow a certain number of family members to attend given the space considerations and the fact that all students will want to bring family members. 


Gifts Clarification 


Many people, especially family members, will be tempted to bring a gift for the graduate, naturally. It is up to the graduate and the graduate’s family to decide whether to accept the gifts or to politely indicate that no gifts need to be brought. Users can suggest a different gesture like a charitable donation or a gift for the institution itself that are also suitable ways to show pride and generosity.



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