Family_Hero_855x250-2Granite Gold had recently sent me some of their products to review. Each cleaner cleans a different surface so I will review each item separately. First is the granite gold daily cleaner. Granite Gold daily cleaner's streak free formula safely cleans granite, marble, travertine and all other natural stone and quartz surfaces. It removes all types of spills and soils with a clean fresh citrus scent. I have used the Granite Gold daily cleaner regularly. I have a hard time finding cleaners that clean and protect my granite counter tops. This cleaner not only cleans but doesn't have the harsh chemicals that are in a lot of products we use that damage natural stone and lead to repair or replacement. The cleaner is biodegradable, non toxic, non acid, ph balanced, safe on food preparation surfaces, no phosphates or ammonia. The Granite Gold polish. I really like this product. I have a hard time finding a polish that leaves a nice shine that doesn't leave it streaky. The polish enhances the shine and luster to granite, marble and other natural stone. If used on a regular basis you can bring out the stones  natural  beauty and provide ongoing protection against water spots, soap scum and fingerprints. Believe me when I say I have those fingerprints all over my house. Even more so in my kitchen on the counters and the refrigerator. It comes in an easy to spray formula, streak free, biodegradable, non toxic and non acidic. P_Product_800x800-190x190 The Granite Gold all surface cleaner wipes. I never thought about the over spray before and what the stainless steel cleaners can do to my granite counter tops.  Granite gold has made this product that can be used on delicate fixtures such as glass, mirrors, faucets, appliances, brass, copper. They developed the all surface cleaner to deep clean delicate surfaces with and overspray that would no effect the stone. The streak free, non toxic and non abrasive formula will not scratch surfaces. I can tell you that this all purpose cleaner did a great job on my faucets and didn't leave any marks when I touched the granite. The granite gold scrub sponge was designed because household scrubbing pads are like sand paper with varying grades and grits. Regular household sponges are to abrasive for natural stone surfaces. Which can lead to scratches and expensive repair or replacement. So they designed this sponge specifically for natural stone surfaces. It is safe on natural stone, non abrasive and still can easily get off  stuck on food particles. You can use the sponge on stone shower walls and tub surroundings. Easily removing water deposits and soap scum without harming the delicate surfaces. I was also given granite golds grout cleaner. I have a hard time keeping my grout clean. No matter how much I vacuum and mop I still get that discolored grout. I have tried to use the steam mops and they just don't reach all those spots in the grout. This cleaner does a great job and is safe for all natural stone floors. I definitely would recommend these products. The best thing about them is they do not leave streaks. I have found products that clean good but they always leave streaks. The granite gold doesn't leave streaks.  For more information click here.

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