The one thing I think children need to be reminded of is , be grateful for all the things they have in their life. With all the wrong going on in the world, having gratitude for things they have and what some people do not have.

Gratitude the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness, have you noticed that when we say thank you no one says your welcome. Teaching children that they should learn to connect with their hearts, think positively, and to express their feelings.

Each book includes fun activities for parents to do with their children to reinforce these messages. “Gratitude is a Funny Thing” encourages children to live each day with gratitude and how to learn to listen to their intuition. This book gave us an opening to have a dialog about what gratitude is and how we can implement it in our lives. I know some adults who need to read this book too. We all need to practice gratitude- young and old.

In todays world children get a lot. There is access to so much that it can be daunting for them to understand gratitude. We try and explain to the kids that being thankful for what we have is great. This includes tips to learn how to be appreciative that will make kids happier and more joyful.

Kathy Walsh has more books that gives children the tools they need to lead a more peaceful balanced life. Children learn to connect with their hearts, think positively, and to express their feelings. Go to Joy Oh Boynofollow for more info about Kathy and about Booksnofollow, Meditationsnofollow, Ebooksnofollow, Songsnofollow associated with all her books. I see other books I want to share with my kids.

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