It's that time of year again. Time to come up with the perfect gift for the person who loves to travel. The fact that there are scads of options certainly doesn't make it easy. But, don't panic! Here are a few possibilities to consider. Hopefully, one or two of them will be just what your gift recipient and your budget is looking for.
Scratch Maps
The scratch map is a fun way for frequent travelers to keep track of where they've been. It's also a great conversation starter and wall accent. Whether the person travels the world or just the United States, there's a scratch map just waiting to be hung up and admired.
Travel Pillow

A travel pillow is probably one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to someone who is always on the go. The majority of them conveniently attach to luggage, are super easy to clean and are perfect for use (at home) in your favorite chair as well.

Refillable Leather Journal

When it comes to refillable travel journals, there are many different styles to choose from. Writing in a journal is a great way to help plan a trip and keep track of things while you're away. Great for doodling on the plane or recording memories of the trip, the travelers diary is another thoughtful gift that many people don't think of purchasing for themselves.
Cashmere Travel Throw Set
If you have your heart set on giving your favorite traveler a more luxurious gift this Christmas, why not opt for a Cashmere blanket, eye mask and carrying bag combo? Depending on the brand, there are usually different colors to choose from. Recipients of this gift will feel like they're flying first class, even when it's only coach.
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great Christmas gifts for frequent (or even occasional) travelers. All of these things are appropriate for a wide range of travelers. Don't give a gift that will end up in the attic or garage. Give a gift that ensures the recipient will think of you fondly, even when he or she is miles awa

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