Great Date Night Ideas for Newlyweds

Great Date Night Ideas for Newlyweds

So, you’ve just had your dream wedding and now you’re spending time together on your honeymoon. This can be one of the most exciting times in any couple's life. It is important to remember, however, that the thrill of being newly married tends to fade away on its own and you should make sure you are putting in the work to keep it going. Here are some great date night ideas for newlyweds that can help keep that spark.

Wine Tasting

You don’t have to travel to wine country to get that exceptional wine tasting adventure. Odds are there is a wine cellar or winery near you that offer the same experience without hopping on a plane. These places will usually offer different pairings that are bound to fit your tastes. If you’re looking to stay home, it is also easy to do your own tasting! Those same wine cellars can offer you the perfect recommendations to try while you are snuggling on the couch.

Paint and Sip

Combining the age-old art lesson with an alcohol twist, paint and sip classes have become all the rage in the last few years. Sign up for a class and you and your partner can learn how to paint from a professional while having your drink of choice. If you can’t find any classes near you, bring the experience home! Grab some art supplies, pop on a how-to YouTube video, and follow along.

Road Trip

Sometimes you just gotta get in the car and drive! Whether you are going away for the weekend or just doing a fun day trip, it can be good to get out of the house and do some sightseeing together. No need to even have a destination in mind—just hop in the car and burn rubber. Those spur-of-the-moment decisions can lead to some of your best memories as a couple.

Double Date

Double your fun by bringing another couple along for the ride. This can be especially great if you know other newlyweds. These dates can be as simple as walking around the park together or teaming up for a bar trivia night. Introducing other people to your activities can help keep things from getting stale.


There are a lot of great date night ideas for newlyweds, but one of the biggest you should make sure you plan is your anniversary. It is important that married couples celebrate their anniversary, as it offers a chance to slow down and reflect on all the good times you have together. Budget some money in the months before so both of you can splurge at that expensive restaurant you’ve been eyeing or spend some time at a spa and get pampered. Try to come up with something special as a milestone to remind you both how much you love each other.

Also, with any activity where you encounter other people, make sure you are following the proper guidelines to keep you safe.

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