Globetrotting car holiday vacation

You must be excited about the next vacation you are going to have with your family. But are you afraid of that long road trip? For most of us, it is thrilling in the beginning, but as hours pass by, we start feeling difficult to sit on our car seat feeling bored. Here are a few tips that can help making a family road trip more enjoyable and memorable:

· First of all, dress comfortably, and avoid wearing makeup. There will be so many people at the stops who will be dressed casually. So, it would be fine to wear pajamas.

· Bring some books or magazines, so that you can pass time reading.

· Bring some games that you can play, whether it is the Nintendo DS, magnetic board games, card games etc.

· Talk to your family members. Discuss about what you plan to do once you reach the destination. Talking can pass time, and it can be a great way to spend some quality time with your family.

· If you have a laptop or DVD player, charge it to the full before leaving, and bring in some DVDs. Do not forget to bring earphones or headphones too. Someone in your family might not like the loud voice, and you may be forced to stop it immediately.

· If you like drawing, bring in your pencils and colors. You will see many scenes on the way, that you might want to draw on paper. This may give you a chance to use your skills, and lighten your mood. You may decide to write a journal about your road trip too.

· Pull down the car at rest stops on the way. Sitting inside the car for 6 hours straight is not a good idea. Getting out and stretching is a good idea. Go to the washroom, get some bite, and relax. You will resume your ride with a fresher mood after that.

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