Chicco portable playard

Great Gear For Traveling With A Baby!

When you travel with a baby it can feel like you are taking your whole house with you at times. You never know what you may need to make your stay comfortable and accommodate the babies needs.

We normally travel with our family and need all the room that we can get in the car for luggage and family members. The last thing we want to do is have to take multiple vehicles and spend even more money on gas if we can help it.

There are some wonderful products out there that make traveling with a child easy and they fold down to a very compact size making it easier to fit other items that you need in your vehicle!

If I could only take one thing with me on vacation for a small child, it would have to be the Chicco Fast Asleep Portable Playard with 2-in-1 changer/napper. This product is very useful at home as well but my favorite part about it is how easy it is to fold up and take with you on vacation. It is perfect for the baby to sleep in, you can change the baby in the full size changer and it is as simple one snap to change it from the napper to the changer.

Chicco portable playard

This portable playard is very lightweight which makes it easy to maneuver with just one person and it also makes it super easy to move it from indoors to outdoors or into different rooms.

Another great product that is also made by Chicco is their QuickSeat Portable Hook-On Chair. This item not only folds up to a very small size to make it easy for travel, It also works well at home for everyday use.

We spend a lot of our time on vacation sitting around the table playing cards and this comes in handy when the baby does not want to be left alone and wants to be around everyone else. It can easily be snapped onto any table and the one pull tighter cinches it tightly onto any table keeping your child safe and secure.

Chicco QuickSeat Portable Hook-On Chair

This product is great for feeding your child because it has a removable tray that you can take their food right to them and snap it in! It is also great for arts and crafts if your child wants to color, or just to sit at the table and watch TV.  This is a definite must have for travel in my opinion!

The lulyboo Bassinet To-Go is a portable sleep bassinet for children ages 0-12 months and it does not take up much space just like the other products. In fact this item has back straps so that you can strap it on just like you would a backpack and take it wherever you may need.

Lulyboo Bassinet To-Go

This works great at the beach especially if you have a nice cool shaded tent to put it under. Its made of a very soft fabric and it has a shade that will shade the babies face. It is super light weight and being able to toss it on your back keeps your hands free to carry any other items you may need.

We plan to use this for the baby to sleep in while on vacation, as well as using it when we go to visit grandparents for nap time!

If you are looking for some easy and convenient items to take with you while traveling with a child, these are some great products to look into! Not only are they wonderful to have with you, they also take up less space than some items that you may keep at home for everyday use.




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