I am sure you have heard of the Bradford Exchange.  For years I remember seeing ads in magazines or commercials on TV for different collectibles they offered.  What I did not realize, and maybe you didn’t either, is that they also have jewelry.  What could be more perfect for Valentine's Day or any gift occasion? So many gift ideas!

They have a Camo His and Hers Wedding Set that I love – first off, it is so unique and nothing that I have seen before.  Talk about perfect for anyone that hunts or maybe is in the army or just wants a nice looking ring that is different than every other ring you usually see.  You can personalize them too.  The rings are made with Diamonesk® simulated diamonds so you are paying much less than you would for the real thing, but no one will be able to tell the difference, all they will see is a stunning piece of jewelry.  The set comes with a wedding band for him, a wedding band for her, and an engagement ring.  Talk about your complete set!  Whether you are just getting married or you celebrating a special anniversary or just want to get new wedding bands, this is perfect to match your sweetheart, or maybe you could never afford an engagement ring so you did without and now you can buy the whole set!

If you only want an engagement ring and do not want to buy the whole kit and caboodle so to speak, you can also buy just an engagement ring which also features the Diamonesk® simulated diamonds and can be personalized.  This ring is gorgeous.  Seriously, the amount of money spent on engagement rings for real diamonds is crazy.  You can pay less money and get a ring that is just as nice or nicer (and the stone will probably be bigger!).  I myself would much rather put the thousands of dollars spent on a ring to better use, maybe as a down payment on a house or something, rather than plunking all that money down on a ring.

If you are not in the market for an engagement ring or wedding bands, Bradford Exchange has so many other things that are unique and special gifts.  Take for instance this Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Love Story Handbag.  This is such a  unique purse and am in love with it.  First, the whole Mickey and Minnie thing is just divine for anybody who is a big Disney fan.  The artwork on this bag is so pretty and I guarantee the compliments will come pouring in.   I for one love the fact that it comes with the option to either carry by the handles, or keep the strap so you can wear it over your shoulder.  I’m telling you, the lady in your life will love this handbag!

So now I have learned that the Bradford Exchange is not just the mugs and collectibles I have thought it was all my life and maybe you have too! Check it out for yourself!!


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