Are you tired of going someplace and there be no place to sit. Pools always have a habit, of the chairs being saved like people own them. Been to a barbecue where there is no place for you to sit, and you end up standing.  Have you heard about the Wind Pouch, this is the answer to all those worries. No longer will you, need to stand and sit on a towel. Bring your own seat with you.  We are going to be using this when we go camping, I hate sand all over me and this will come in handy when we are on the beach.

They are perfect for the beach, poolside or tailgating. And the rugged Go version is ideal for camping and backcountry hiking. Just to be able to relax and not worry about finding a seat. Integrated pillow headrest provides head, neck and back support for an incredibly comfortable seating experience.






These are the perfect thing, to keep the sweat out of your eyes, we have tried them when we worked out and they are great. No more sweat dripping down your face and causing accidents and more.

After crashing his mountain bike more than once because sweat had dripped into his eyes, distracting and blinding him, Joe Vandervoort was understandably fed up. Sweatbands didn't fit under his helmet and the built-in pads didn't work like they should. Frustration led to inspiration to combat perspiration, and Wicks were invented. The small adhesive strips, made in the USA from surgical-grade material and available in a variety of colors, go over eyebrows, redirecting (“wicking”) sweat away. And, unlike germ-ridden sweatbands and pads, Wicks are always fresh and clean.







My grandfather use to use one of these, and I can remember when my sister and I were in beauty school and learning to shave, with a straight razor using this kind of brush.  And as a child pretending with this. The debut of the Evolution Brush makes shaving fun again! This ingenious device easily pops onto the top of any shaving cream or gel can, even travel size, and directs foam straight into the built-in brush. Using a shaving brush stimulates and raises hair follicles, giving an extra-close and smooth shave.



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