Poker players sometimes seem like they are from out of space- they are often in their own bubble, typically at home in a dark room where everything ceases to exist except them and their game of chance.

Poker players are mysterious, so much so that it can be especially tricky trying to shop for gifts for them. When buying gifts for the poker player in your life, one of the most important things that you must understand is that poker is a way of life and not just a hobby.

To the hardcore player, poker is their main reason for living. Sometimes there are wins but in between, there are major letdowns and losses. But there is always something to be done to improve your situation; a new poker tactic to learn, a technique that must be sharpened.

As such, if you are looking for a gift for a poker fan, the best thing that you can do is to find something that can not only help them hone their passion but also make their intense lifestyle a little more comfortable, fun, and happy-go-lucky.

Know someone who just won’t shut up about poker? Here are some great gifts for a poker fan:

Lucky charms to suit their personality

Poker may be a game of skill, but it also has a lot to do with luck. Part of being lucky is feeling lucky; the more you believe in your abilities, the more likely you are to push and not give up- you’ll simply keep persisting until there is a breakthrough.

Lucky charms can make the poker player in your life feel like a winner so that they can in turn see results. A fun lucky charm that represents the player’s personality can help him or her feel as though they have the Midas touch. Examples of lucky charms that you can choose from include:

  • A lucky charm bracelet.
  • A necklace with a lucky horseshoe pendant or a four-leaf clover.
  • A rabbit’s foot- if you’re buying one for an animal lover, be sure to pick one that is not made from an actual rabbit’s foot.

Poker lessons to improve their skill level

Any poker player that’s serious about learning the best poker strategies and techniques of increasing their chances of success could benefit greatly from poker training. There are plenty of poker strategy books and magazines that one can learn from, but these can only help so much.

If a novice poker player wants to improve, he or she has to learn which poker hands to play, which is difficult to learn from the pages of a book. Online poker training, from experienced poker players and teachers, can allow your loved one to become aquatinted with advanced poker concepts that have been mastered by those that are well versed and on top of their poker game.

There are plenty of online training programs that you can choose from whether one is looking to pick up a few tips and review fundamentals that can help them dominate in their home games or one wants to join the league of full time professional, poker players.

A Poker table

Does your loved one relish the thought of hosting poker tournaments at home? Have they been hosting tournaments at the kitchen or dining table for some time now? Make it easy on them by gifting them with a quality poker table.

A quality poker table (great roundup here) with soft felt and extra features such as cup holders can elevate your loved one’s home games to the next level. A poker table may seem like a pricey investment to make. However, you will be treated to a whole host of options when shopping from higher-end poker tables that cost thousands to lower-end options that cost much less but are still great to have.

For anyone looking to really make a huge splash, you can even get a custom option that includes the recipient’s lettering, business logo, or any other preferred graphic. With such a customized option, you can add all the bells and whistles that you need to make the gift recipient super impressed.

Custom poker chips

Custom poker chips are the perfect gift for anyone that loves spectating and taking part in poker games. Whether you are buying them for someone that loves hosting tournaments in their living room, for your boss, or a special event token, personalized poker chips are an excellent and creative way to demonstrate that you care.

There are plenty of companies that specialize in making custom poker chips. All you have to do is browse from the hundreds of already pre-designed chips and design your own custom style from scratch.

Most of these companies have free online customization tools that can allow you to customize poker chip templates in seconds using your own image and custom message. Want to go all out? You can even add the perfect matching poker case and playing cards to complement your newly designed set.

Poker themed socks

I have way too many socks- said no one ever! Everybody needs socks and you can never have too many. Poker themed socks make the perfect gift for poker enthusiasts and professionals because there practical and they are hard not to appreciate.

Socks suit both men and women and they are super affordable for anyone that has budgetary restrictions. But don’t just buy any old socks; look for those ones made from a premium cotton blend that will not fray and unravel after several washings. If all else fails, socks are the answer.

Final Thoughts

Whether your loved one plays poker for fun or is thinking about pursuing it seriously, there are plenty of affordable gifts to choose from that make fun surprises. Giving a poker fan gifts can help to motivate them and keep them focused on the win.

If it’s in the cards, these gift ideas above will help you ace the gift-giving. We’ve given them to you straight- no bluffing. So, what are you waiting for? Happy shopping everyone!



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