Are you like me and wait until the last minute, about everything and getting a gift for anyone in your family and friends. That's me I am always looking for the best, and different gifts to give the ladies in my life. No matter what the occasion is, I have some of the best ideas for you.

Does the lady or yourself, fuss about your hair and take the best care possible for it. I have the perfect product for you, and they and I have been using it and think its perfect.  Rapunzel Potion is something I been using now for a while, and I think it's great.




Artisanal Herbal Hair Care

It is a 100% Natural craft enhancer based on different types of herbal ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Rosemary. It can be used on infants, kids and adults ( men and women ).

It helps fight 100% hair loss, regenerates lost hair back out and makes your hair softer and shine. For better and faster results we recommend you to use our full kit that consist of a shampoo enhancer and spray.  Makes my hair look and feel the best it has in so many years.   Each product is made with 100% natural, fresh and whole ingredients, including aloe vera, rosemary and purified water.


Postpartum + Pampered by Annanaturals

This is perfect for all the new mommy's, my friend just had her son and this would be the perfect gift. Give her something that was hers, and she could be spoiled for all the hard work she did.

Congratulate a new mama with a Postpartum + Pampered box, providing all the postpartum essentials – New Mama tea helps restore and rebalance the body after delivery (and provides a nice, relaxing break!), Soothing Mama postpartum healing spray is wonderful for providing cooling relief after delivery (and is great for episiotomies too), All Smiles uplifting aromatherapy mist helps mama naturally deal with stress and postpartum baby blues, and lanolin-free Nursing Mama Nipple Cream is a great, natural way to keep nipples happy during those first few weeks of breastfeeding. Free of harsh chemicals, artificial flavors, GMO’s, and artificial fragrance all Anna Naturals products are safe and natural, without sacrificing taste, feel, or aroma.  She has told me and repeated this was the best gift she could have. She loves the tea and the nipple;e cream has been the best.

New Mama herbal tea, All Smiles aromatherapy mist, Soothing Mama perineal mist and Nursing Mama nipple cream. All perfectly wrapped in a cute gift box for a new mother!


Does your mom love Jewelry if so I have the most beautiful bracelets to tell you about?

Hidden Hollow Beads 

One of our most popular cancer fundraising products is our wire bracelet with lobster clasp. Created using fiber optic cat’s eye beads in the 18 cancer colors, this bracelet comes prepackaged, mounted on a card showing the cancer colors and their meanings. Two expansion rings are included to allow the bracelet to fit most wrist sizes.










Expandable to fit any wrist size
Made by Hand in the USA
Made with tarnish resistant Strong 14 gauge wire
Made in the USA is antiqued silver.

All these gifts are perfect for mothers day.

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