Funny how things can throw you for a loop. my sister and I have always been animal lovers, her daughter the same way. It's funny how they go to the pet store and come home, with rabbits mind you we have never had them before.  What is so awesome about Chewy's is they now have small animals, food too. So we can order what we need and more in one spot.

Chewy's is our go to spot to get all our animals food and the place we trust.  They sell only the best and most trusted foods.

If there is one thing, our rabbit's love is there dried hay. They are crazy for it and now Chewys has this as one of the things we can get.  Provide your small pet all of the benefits of hay without the dust and scatter of loose hay with Oxbow Harvest Stacks Compressed Hay Western Timothy Small Animal Food. Some small pets like Guinea Pigs, rabbits and chinchillas, need hay to maintain a healthy digestive process. In fact, hay should make up 75 percent of their diet. Oxbow Harvest Stacks Compressed Hay Western Timothy Small Animal Food is 100 percent all-natural, long-strand, hand-sorted Western Timothy hay compressed into compact, convenient-to-feed portions. It has the same nutritional benefits of loose hay, but produces 80 percent less dust and is ideal for traveling or limited storage spaces. Feed as a primary hay source or supplement with loose hay to encourage enrichment.


And this is the one we trust and know. When they are low they start biting the cage, to get our attention so we can give them their hay. What we love is that it is 100 percent natural and good for them. They let us know they love it, in a matter of an hour they have eaten it all.

Key Benefits

  • This product is made to provide the same benefits of loose hay without the mess.
  • This tasty treat is high in fiber and will help your pet keep a healthy digestion system.
  • Made with the finest Timothy Hay available, this is a 100% all natural product that is as good for the environment as it is for your pet.
  • Designed to be compact, compressed and in convenient-to-feed portions. Produces 80 percent less dust than loose hay.
  • Pull on opposite sides of the portion until it loosens to form an S shape and place in your pet’s habitat. The unique shape and texture of Harvest Stacks encourage interaction between your pet and the hay.

For all your pets needs and more check out Chewy's.


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