Dads are the best.  I love my father, he does so much for me.  I really want to get him nice gifts but maybe you have the same problem I have every single year.  I have no idea what to get my dad for Father's Day.  But it doesn't just stop at Father's Day.  His birthday, Christmas… I just do not know what to get him. How many ties can a man get, he has only one neck!

One thing about dads I have found is that they like their gadgets.  Of course, how many gadgets does one person need?  Then I figured out something – watches – and not just any watch, watches that do more than just tell you what time it is when you are looking at it.  They want to feel like they have the functionality of MacGyver at their wrist.  Not that I blame them, that is pretty cool, and this is coming from a woman.

Casio has always been a name that I have heard about when it comes to watches, and they have a variety of watches that I can choose from to pick the perfect one for my dad.  From simple watches to watches that are called “smartwatches” I can pick the one that is the most simple (for my dad) or the one that is the most complex (for dads that are that tech savvy, but for mine simpler is better).  I also love the fact that most of the watches have a GPS feature.  My dad is not getting any younger and it gives me added peace of mind because how many times have I found out that he did not take his phone with him!  Plus they are waterproof up to like 50 meters which is an added bonus because I cannot tell you how many times my father has jumped into the pool with his watch on and then was like OOPS when he realized he had it on and never took it off!

If you do not think your dad would be interested in a watch, or you just aren't feeling it and want to get something different, another thing that comes to mind when I hear the name Casio is keyboards.  What dad does not want to feel like an Elton John or Billy Joel on the keys! From Compact Grand Piano to a portable keyboard, I was able to choose the perfect fit.   My favorite feature on the portable keyboards is the Key Lighting System which lights up the keys so you know which notes to play.  Cheating maybe, but fun! Of course, the Compact Grand Piano is gorgeous and fits  nicely in the living room and makes it seem like he has a “real” piano but being digital and having the touchscreen also gives it the technological edge.  You can change the sound, record your own music or play along with rhythm or accompaniment tracks.  And it is so simple with the touchscreen right there so no confusion for those that are not as tech savvy!

Check out everything Casio has to offer, whether it be watches or keyboards! Great gift ideas so the next time Father's Day or Dad's birthday or Christmas rolls around, you don't have to be picking out yet another tie!


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