I know I’m not alone in being a busy Mom. Sometimes I can find myself spinning on the spot wondering what I’ve got to deal with next! Us moms have so many tasks to do in a single day. Of course, if you’re on your own, you have a job, or you take care of another family too, life is even more chaotic! I’ve done my best with organization charts, calendars and preparation schemes. They aren’t always enough. My kids need me as much today as any other day in their lives and I want to be sure they are OK.


These days, their education is my priority. I want to make sure they’re hitting their developmental milestones and making the most of their schooling. Homework is a big part of our time together. So when I have to be out or doing something else, I’m really worried it’s harming their progress. I want them to do as well as they can, and I know all too well that adult support is essential.


This is why I started to come around to the idea of a nanny. Don’t get me wrong. If I’m going to do this, then I’m going to use the best Domestic Staffing Agency to get the best nanny they have. Having someone else around to fill in the gaps can be so helpful. Even if I’m just cooking a meal, I can’t give my full focus and attention to the children as well.


I want to know my kids make it home safe from school, but I can’t always be the one to do that. I prioritize my kids no matter what, but there are times when I have no choice but to rely on other measures. If I had that extra pair of hands to see them home and get them settled down with a snack and some homework, I’d feel a lot better. It means my time with them can be quality mother-child time with no distractions. I feel that’s the most important thing.


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If you ever find yourself in a flap trying to tend to everything all at once, it might be time for you to consider hiring someone to fill in too. If you’re not sure about a nanny service, then speak to your friends who have done it before. Alternatively, you could find someone to take care of the housework for you. It will free you up enough to enjoy that extra quality time with the kids. I hate distractions when I’m trying to spend time with the family. Sadly, modern life means they are always there.


For me, I fear the children may go off the rails. There is nothing to say it will happen, but I’ve read about parents who wake up one day with a monster for a teenager! Keeping my kids on track with their schooling is the most important thing for me right now. Later on, I know that teenage friendships, relationships, and social media will be bigger issues. If I’m there, then I know I can be their first port of call.

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