When you have been in a relationship for a little while, your man of the moment may well have bought you one or two gifts. Whether he was spot on or way out for your perfect pressie, there will shortly come a time when you might want to buy him something. And nothing short of perfect will do! The trouble is, you hardly know each other. So what can you buy the guy you’ve only been dating for a few weeks, when you haven’t even met his mates? You are going to struggle unless you try some sneaky tactics to find out more…


You have probably been out a few times, but have you noticed what he is drinking? If his favorite tipple is a whiskey, you may be able to buy him some great samplers as a gift. These come gift boxed in a nice little presentation box, and because they are the tiny little mini-bar bottles, they don’t cost the earth either. Of course, if he’s a beer man, there is always the novelty beer glass set, or maybe even a custom beer mat.


If your guy is an outdoorsy type, you should know at least that much by now. He may have bragged about his last road run or told you all about that amazing cycle route he checked out. You can find some great adventure watches that are very reasonably priced for what they are. They are hooked to your belt loop or even your bike to avoid it getting in the way of all that outdoor activity. If you don’t fancy that, try a ruggedized case for his smartphone – just be sure to clock which one he has first!


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Clothes are always a very personal area of shopping. But if you find your guy likes to wear very similar looking tops or shirts on each of your dates, you may be able to buy one just like it for a gift. At least you’ll know he likes it if he is always wearing them. The only problem you may have is picking the right size. Try giving him a little neck massage and take a sneaky peek at his label. Of course, if it’s down the side, you may just have to find a way to get him to take his top off! If this is a little too much, check out www.whositfor.co.uk for some alternative gift ideas!


Buying a gift for a newish boyfriend is never easy. It requires open ears and a great imagination. Listen carefully to what he talks about the most. These are his passions, and any gifts related to these subjects should be warmly received. The trick is not to spend too much money. Make it look more like an “I saw this and thought of you” impulse buy. At this stage of the relationship, a gift like this could say to him that you think of him fondly in his absence. Something pricey and flashy might be perceived as the equivalent to an engagement offering! Take your time to consider it, even over several dates, and enjoy the process of figuring him out.



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