Parties are great fun and they are even better when there is good entertainment on offer. For kids, activities should be varied and engaging. You can have some events which are exciting and energy-filled, and others which are creative and a bit calmer. This article will share a few ideas that you can use to successfully entertain kids.

  1. Face painting

This is a classic activity that has been enjoyed by children for years. You could either hire a professional face painter or get a talented friend to help out. If the party has a theme, then the designs painted could reflect that. Other popular options for face painting decoration ideas include animals, stars, and popular characters.

  1. Have a bouncy castle

Bouncy castles provide lots of enjoyment and are a great addition to parties. From a basic bouncy castle to one with slides and climbing parts, all prove popular time and again. They are great for letting kids burn off some of their excess energy and are also really good at encouraging the kids to play together. Bouncy castles can be hired from a party hire service which means that the setting up of it is left in the hands of professionals. It also saves having to think of where to store the castle when it is not being used.

  1. Make a creativity corner

Kids love to get creative, so why not gather some craft supplies together and set up a creative corner? You can do this by getting a few small tables and chairs together and placing some arts and crafts materials on the top. Choose a selection of colored paper, pens, paints, and stickers for the children to use. There could also be coloring sheets for children who would like to color in but aren’t comfortable drawing out the designs themselves.

  1. Create a scavenger hunt

Get the kids exploring by creating a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are good for increasing children’s social and team-working skills. Pick a theme, create some clues, and send the kids off searching to find the desired items. Depending on how many children are at the party, there could be two or more teams. To get the kids creative, you could ask them to choose a team name. Offering a prize for the winning team is a great way to motivate the kids to take part.

  1. Provide a chocolate fountain station


Food is a must at parties and with a chocolate fountain, you can make the food entertaining. From the station, you could include a selection of fruit and marshmallows to be coated in the chocolate. Strawberries and grapes work particularly well for dipping. You could also have some toppings like hundreds and thousands. To make the chocolate fountain station even more impressive, you could have more than one type of melted chocolate on offer.


Parties should be special occasions for all involved so it is worthwhile thinking of great ways to entertain the kids who attend them. All children are different in what they enjoy the most, so it is best to have several activities on offer. The ideas above are only a handful of the many possibilities, but hopefully they will have given you some inspiration as to what activities to plan for the next party.

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