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Let’s be honest—underwear is important. Your most intimate areas tend to require an extra level of comfort. Regardless of gender, body type, and lifestyle, everyone needs functional and comfortable pairs of underwear in their underwear drawer.

According to Cision PRNewswire, men and women spend roughly the same amount on underwear annually, with 84% of men and 81% of women saying that they spend $100 or less on lingerie a year. Check out the best options for buying undergarments.

Picking The Best Boxers

There really isn’t any single cut that is perfect for every guy every day when it comes to men's underwear. Normally, you’ll need a few different cuts depending on what you’re wearing (shorts vs. jeans, for example) and your body type. When deciding on the best mens boxers, you’re going to want to consider several factors such as activity, fabric, fit, and breathability. For example, you may prefer the Bn3th (pronounced “Beneath”) brand on active days. Specifically designed with athletes in mind, these underwear come in various colors and lengths for different activities. Plus, most of their styles come with moisture-wicking and odor control technology (a must for the active guy).

For everyday wear, you may prefer the modern-day spin on the classic Calvin Klein cotton boxer briefs. The classic waistband is more comfortable than ever before (now, it stretches), and the lightweight fabric and contoured pouch (that keeps everything where it’s supposed to be) make this underwear ultimately comfortable and soft. Men who prefer a looser fit and printed designs should consider either the J. Crew Printed Boxers made with organic cotton (that could easily double as swim trunks on those hot summer days) or the classic Ralph Lauren 3-pack with a horizontal fly and comfy waistband. For more versatility, try the Mack Weldon AIR KNIT boxer briefs with “stay put legs,” a “no-roll waistband,” moisture-wicking technology, fabric that allows for better airflow, and odor-fighting material (these may be the best men's underwear).

Picking The Best Bras

Despite pervasive rumors, wearing bras does not put you at a higher risk for developing breast cancer, nor does it speed up (or prevent) the sagging process, according to Dr. Cassann Blake, who was recently interviewed for an article published by the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Blake does, however, note that getting multiple bras for specific activities and getting bras that fit your body type properly will prevent discomfort and chafing from friction.

Finding the perfect bra isn’t easy. Dr. Blake recommends getting advice from a professional (one of those people who take your measurements and tell you your exact bra size) every time your weight fluctuates to ensure you’re always wearing the right size. Once you know your measurements and your cup size, shopping at an online bra store can be a fantastic way to save some time and money. Whether you’re looking for a simple and classic t-shirt bra, a sports bra, a strapless bra, a wireless bra, or bralettes, you can find a bra that will provide adequate lift and all-day comfort by shopping online.

Picking The Best Panties

According to a 2021 HuffPost article, Dr. Diana Hoppe (OBGYN and women’s health specialist) notes that underwear made from synthetic fibers tends to not allow for proper airflow, which can allow yeast and bacteria to grow “down there.” This can lead to infections (particularly for those with a vagina). Another doctor, Dr. Sherry Ross, agrees, saying that even if materials such as spandex, polyester, and nylon are worn, women should still opt for options that have cotton “in the crotch” to prevent such infections.

Dr. Sherry Ross herself prefers “Victoria’s Secret’s 100% cotton bikini panties” and notes that Victoria's Secret is also a great choice for cotton options with sexy trims that allow you to feel sexy and healthy at the same time. For the best underwear, you’re going to want to look for different cuts for different occasions; some are better for everyday wear, some are better for dates, some are better for workouts, and some are better for menstruation (you know what I mean, ladies). Once you know your size, the cut you’re looking for, and your preferred fabric, searching online for deals with brands such as ThirdLove, Hanes, or MeUndies can be the easiest way to find the ideal pair of underwear.

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