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Great pretender kids play and dress up. I had received lady bug wings and antennas and a spidey mask. The lady bug antennas and wings are not only pretty that have a lot of detail. They are quality made. Makayla enjoyed dressing up as  a lady bug with a great big smile on her face. My kids love to dress up and play. Yes my son has even put on my sisters high heels and walked around the house playing. Chase loved the mask. He also had a big smile on his face and even put his Spider-Man pajamas on to dress up.
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He had a great time. Children learn by their imaginations and doing things. Pretending not only let's them play but builds skills in many developmental areas. Dress up play is important role in children's development. Dress up allows children to experiment, role play and act out their fantasies. Some f the major benefits children get out of pretend play and dress up is social and emotional skills, language skills, self control, problem solving skills, self esteem. When I worked with children at school we had a whole section of pretend play. This is great for boys and girls to have fun and learn at the same time. They can be princess's, firemen, police, super heroes, queens, nurses and much more. Great pretenders has a wide selection of quality dress up for children. They are reasonable priced. For more information click here.b 002

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