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Most guys are under the impression that women love clothes shopping universally. In reality, most of us both love it and hate it! It can feel great going on a massive shopping trip, and leaving with all kinds of beautiful pieces. What doesn’t feel so nice is not being able to make a decision, or realising you missed out on some huge deal. Here are some tips for smarter shopping.

My first tip is to shop more often. You knew there was going to be a catch, right? Yes, you should probably be shopping more often, but buying less stuff at once. There must have been some time in your life when you’ve neglected your wardrobe for a while. Leaving your shopping until you need it can often result in rash, impulsive buying. If you wake up and realise you need new everything, then the resulting shopping spree won’t be too satisfying. On the other hand, if you shop when you don’t need anything desperately, you’ll find it’s much more successful. You’ll be taking your time more, and will only get clothes when you’re sure you want them. Just make sure you don’t spend a fortune every week!


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My next tip is to have a mix of cheap and expensive clothes. The ads you see will have you believe you can only look great when you wear nothing but designer labels. Of course, we all know how incredible designer pieces can look. Imagine if your entire wardrobe was made up of one or two luxury labels though. You’d find it pretty tedious after a while, and it would become increasingly hard to have a mixed-up outfit when you need it. Every time you go out shopping, try to come back with a varied bag. This will protect you from spending too much for starters. Aside from that, you’re more likely to have a varied, exciting wardrobe you can rely on. Real Simple has a more detailed post on this.

My final tip is to change up the places you buy from. I understand that you may have a favourite store. There are a lot of reasons around this, but people who stick to one or two shops are often missing out on all kinds of gorgeous clothes. If you do all your clothes shopping online, then start hitting the town. If you go out to do it, then take a look online. A lot of people neglect mail-order catalogues these days, but they can offer you some incredible outfits. These may give you a totally fresh perspective on fashion, and many have incredible discounts. Even international catalogues like the Mexican Catalogo Coppel have brilliant deals. Whatever your tendency is, try something different. You’ll be amazed at what you find!

The next time you get cravings for new clothes, bear these tips in mind. I’m sure you’ll come home with a haul you’ll be much more pleased with in the long run. Although I could write about clothes shopping all day, it’s your wardrobe. At the end of the day, you should use whatever shopping strategies suit you.

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