When I was growing up, I had so many Teddy Bears and of all my favorites was the Care Bears. I had to have every single one, and I got them too. Care Bears have been around for years, and have only got better and more added in time.  35 years this year as a matter of fact, and to celebrate they have a Rainbow Heart Care Bear, that is sprinkled with flecks of glitter for a touch of something extra special. From Care Bears.

When you think of the care bears, you think of happiness and joy, they had been my safe place after my sister had passed away, I would know they were there and protected me , Kind of weird when I think about it, but we had collected them together and I kept them until the day I married and moved.   I have hers packed away with my parent's things, Great for any occasion to give to someone special and a child.  Thinking back I had to have close to 100 bears at one time. One from everywhere an ex-was in the Navy and a Navy bear, some had more meaning than others.


And let's not forget the boys in our lives, they love weird things.  And these Mad Balls are gross and fun all in one. Madballs the freaky-looking rubber balls with grossly sculpted faces and graphically colorful names like Repvile and Swine Sucker, have returned for a new generation of freakish fun. Madballs were first unleashed in 1986 and were considered absolutely repulsive! The truth is that underneath their nauseating exteriors, they’re actually pretty, well, nauseating.



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