Great Ways To Help Your Team Work Better Together

Great Ways To Help Your Team Work Better Together

If you lead a team, you know the importance of keeping them working together, maintaining trust, and looking out for one another. You can do that during practices, huddles, and educational sessions, but sometimes you need a novel approach or a change of scenery. Here are a few great ways to help your team work better together.

Cook Together

There are few more universally human activities than cooking a meal and eating it. More than likely, your team has broken bread, or at least split a pizza, together. But have you ever broken up into teams to prepare a meal together and enjoy it afterward?

There are many reasons that cooking makes a great team-building activity. You can take your team to a cooking school or adult education center, but if you want to save travel time or your team still works remotely, you can choose a virtual class. Many provide online instruction and meal kits, so you can have your team working toward a delicious goal!


Everyone has a story to share! Take your team out to lunch or head someplace where you can gather around a fire or other unifying thing that isn’t a TV. Explain to them that you’re all in a storytelling circle. Have a list of words that can spark ideas and memories, such as “First Day of the Job” or “Helpfulness,” and encourage them to share those experiences. They’ll find common memories and experiences and play off each other’s stories, generating good feelings all around.

Put On a Play

Here’s another great way to help your team work better together that might work best with creative professionals. Break up people into groups of two or more and give them the goal of creating a short play addressing a situation or issue related to your business or industry. Situations include customer and salesperson, manager and employees, creating a commercial, and so forth. Give them everything they need to create the play. For added fun, give them a camera and a day or two to create their skit, then have a film festival!

Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of things within the office space that best reflect your facility or company and the goals and ideas every employee should pursue. Have employees look for things that represent “trust,” “diligence,” “excellence,” and so forth, and ask them to gather them or snap pictures. Sending teams out to a wider area encourages teamwork and creative thinking, also giving them a time-sensitive (but fun) task.

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