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My husband’s birthday is in a couple of months and I have been searching for something meaningful and useful for him. He already has a lot of tools that benefit him, but I know he doesn’t have anything that helps him grip material that he is cutting. I want my husband to stay safe and not injure himself. He has to cut down wood for the shed he is building, and he does it all by himself. I get worried, because I feel that he needs to be absolutely careful or serious harm could be done. So the Grr-ripper is the ideal tool for him.

Ideal Tool

The Grr-ripper is exactly as named, a tool designed to grip work pieces so they do not slip as you are cutting them. This tool helps to prevent kickbacks. The grip is so strong and sturdy that my husband said his work is easier, because he can cut smoother. The Grr-ripper allows him to keep his hands out of the way. My number one priority is his safety and this keeps him safe!


The Grr-ripper helps bye lining up boards. And any board can be gripped, such as: oak, cherry, walnut, ebony, pine, poplar and maple. Other boards made of plastics and aluminum also hold well against the gripper. Due to treaded grooves, there is sturdiness and increased traction on the board that he is currently cutting. My husband feels that he can adjust his boards more easily and there is precision in his cutting. He loves the Grr-ripper, because it is a great way to guide his project piece along.

The Grr-ripper has an adjustable leg that helps with the gripping. It balances his workpiece. With the leg, he has support for more stability, especially for those narrow pieces he has to cut. The gripper is fully adjustable, so there are a myriad of uses for it, not just boards. It is easy to clean too, with a little bit of alcohol, grime can be wiped away.

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