For years apartment residents have been burdened with the problem of carrying groceries up flights of stairs and then having to return to the car to retrieve more groceries. People with Walkers, Crutches, and Canes could not easily carry groceries into their home.   Another problem is safety.  When a person’s hands are full of grocery bags, they cannot hold on to the stair rail.

The grocery belt is a solution to all these problems.

The Grocery Belt has a back support design with suspenders, Velcro, and hooks. The belt's design allow you to use your body's CORE strength, not relying on your arm strength alone. The hook's design uses the body as leverage to hold up heavy loads.  Together, belt and hooks, the Grocery Belt allows you to carry more groceries in one trip.

With the Grocery Belt you can tell people “I Got This!”.

I normally do the grocery shopping by myself. Which means I put the items in the cart, then onto the conveyor belt, then in the car and by myself I take the groceries from the car into the house – which takes multiple trips. And then I still have to put everything away. This belt makes my grocery shopping so much easier as I don't have to make as many trips from the car to the house.  I only wish I had known about this belt sooner. Even my children like to help bring the groceries in the house.

Now carrying your groceries takes one trip, with this awesome bag. No more 5 trips to the car all you need is one.  Easy to use and anyone can with no issues.  Having lived in apartments and having to make numerous trips up and down, this really would have been something we could have used.

Looking for something to help make only one trip, the grocery belt is the thing you need.









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