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We need The Grommet! I know we all wish there were hacks that would make life a little easier. One of them being hanging some cute artwork on the walls of your house. To be honest sometimes it’s hard to find a stud on the wall to hang up that art, be it a shelf or mirror, because we aren’t all professionals. There should be a tool that would help us eliminate the need to hammer one too many unnecessary holes on the wall. Great news! There is! It’s the Magnetic Stud Finder.

Magnetic Stud Finder

The Magnetic Stud Finder from The Grommet is a life saver. What you do is— rubbing the tool over the wall. Then when you run over a metal fastener in a stud, the indicated will pop and stand up perpendicular to the wall. It works by magnetization. It is so easy to use. There are no batteries or calibration required. How many times have you just tried guessing where a stud is and missed it slightly and then had to hammer another hole on the wall? Isn’t that frustrating? I don’t like damaging my walls and I know you don’t either.

Small but Powerful

The Stud Finder is made in the USA. It is plastic and a neodymium magnet. It audibly clicks when a metal fastener is found. The powerful magnets can detect metal fasteners up to half an inch deep. The tool is small but powerful. It is an inch and a half wide and only .2 pounds. It will work with most construction types, like plaster, wood lath, sheetrock, and metal studs. I love this little gadget!

Wood Scratch Remover

The sad thing when your beautiful furniture gets nicked is that you have this reminder of the carelessness when you accidentally scratched your beautiful wooden table. There’s no magic eraser to undo that and get your perfect table back. But with the Grommet, there is the Wood Scratch Remover. The remover easily camouflages those accidental nicks, cuts, and dings. It’s an oil, that is coconut based. You can select if you want a dark or light oil to match your furniture. Choosing dark is for mahogany and walnut type furniture. Pine and maple is for the light wood oil.


Just shake the bottle well and apply some of it on a cotton cloth. Then wipe it on the scratch and surrounding area of the wood. It will then restore the original beauty by hiding those minor defects. You will see it camouflage the scratch as well as help protect the surface from spills. It will also help prevent cracks.  I love that it has no wax or sticky build up. I use it both on my furniture as well as my flooring.

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