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So men and grooming.   Sometimes they need a little “push.”  I have found that in my experience, the men that I have known are really not so up on the grooming aspect.  Do they shower? Of course.  Comb their hair, shave, maybe throw on some aftershave sometimes, deodorant of course, but that is about it.  I do find, however, that if I buy something and it is there, they will use it.

I really like AXE packs for stocking stuffers.  It's a subtle way to get them grooming themselves daily and you aren't hounding them to do it, it will just become their usual routine.  Plus the body washes leaves such a nice scent that them showering with that itself is enough to make them smell great all day.

There are two AXE packs that I like. One is the AXE Black Pack which includes AXE Black Body Wash, AXE Black Body Spray, AXE Black Antiperspirant Stick, Shower Detailer (which basically is what we women would consider a body sponge but manly so it is not like they are using a fluffy sponge while soaping up AND it not only can exfoliate and get rid of those rough spots but has a gentle mesh for more sensitive areas), AXE Urban Daily Thickening Shampoo and travel-sized AXE YOU Body Spray.

Then for men who take pride in doing their hair every day (more than just combing it and leaving) there is the AXE Hair Pack which includes two AXE Clean Cut Signature Pomade (to hold hair in place) or AXE Messy Look Flexible Paste (which can give them that tussled look OR a more polished look  depending on their mood) tins along with a pair of custom socks. Something like this would be more for a man who likes grooming naturally without needing a push but it is great to have an option for those types that really do not need a little nudge!


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If you want something less obvious than AXE or think your man will be intimidated by it, then you can always go with something less high profile and go with Dove Men+Care which has 2 specific products that I am completely in love with.  The first is the body wash. This smells so great I am tempted to use it myself.  I love clean nature scents and that is what this is,  plus it is dermatologist recommended and can be used every single day and part of the regular shower routine.  The next is the antiperspirant which again smells great, and leaves NO white marks.  It dries really quickly and can last for 48 hours.  Not that anybody will probably go 48 hours without showering or applying antiperspirant, but nice to know that it can protect against sweat for that long.  It comes in sprays and sticks but either way you will not be able to see those white marks which I am always seeing and wiping.

So if you are constantly nagging or reminding the man in your life that grooming is good and necessary or even if they like to do it themselves without any input from you, check these out for neat stocking stuffer ideas!

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