Meaningful Beauty is owned by Guthy Renker who also owns ProActiv. According to the information on their website the success of their beauty product is from a rare melon containing a super anti-oxidant called Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). Brand spokesperson Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, refers to SOD as a “Youth Molecule” for its age-defying properties. Let’s face it, Meaningful Beauty or not, Cindy Crawford is beautiful. But at 47 she has aged well indeed. This has made me wonder if Meaningful Beauty had a hand in it.

I'm a true believer in taking care of your skin. So, after 15 years of using Avon face cream and eye wrinkle cream (which I was happy with) I decided to try Meaningful Beauty after seeing the infomercial on their product. The product is great as long as you use the poduct faithfully. Your skin feels and looks great. As soon as I stopped using it for two days my skin went back to the way it originally started. Otherwise, I will continue to use the product because i like what I see in the mirror. It really does diminish the lines around your eyes


Cindy Crawford’s secret to beautiful skin is renowned French anti-aging specialist Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh and his powerful anti-aging skincare products. Dr. Sebagh is one of the most sought-after anti-aging skincare specialists in the world. Models, celebrities and V.I.P. clients rely on Dr. Sebagh to provide them with the best skincare products and anti-aging solutions.

After getting amazing results from seeing him as a private client, Cindy Crawford asked Dr. Sebagh to partner with her to create an anti-wrinkle cream and a full line of advanced anti-aging skin products—so that women everywhere can look and feel years younger. At the heart of his system is superoxide dismutase, a remarkable antioxidant that powerfully and effectively fights the major signs of aging skin.

Within the Meaningful Beauty® collection of anti-aging products, you’ll find formulas that help visibly reduce wrinkles and lines, decrease the look of eye puffiness and dark circles, smooth the appearance of the neck and décolleté area and more—while promoting a flawless-looking, youthful glow. Each Meaningful Beauty® formula works together so that you can create your own customized skincare regimen.

Make the Cindy Crawford skincare secret your own. And see how beautiful and youthful your skin can look with Meaningful Beauty.

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  1. I just started using Meaningful Beauty and, I am quite happy with the results : – ) I have sensitive skin so, I was pleaspleasantly surprised with my results.

    I would gladly recommend this to anyone. I have read reviews both good and bad. Folks are going to react differently with each person.

    I am quite sure everyone is going to react differently with this so, they should bare that in mind.

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