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A Guide To Being The Best Dog Parent

Being a good dog parent is so important if you plan on introducing a puppy or dog into your family. You need to make sure you’re prepared to raise your dog the right way if you want to have a pleasant life with them for the foreseeable future. This guide will help you!


Make Sure You Have Chosen the Right Breed


Before you become a dog parent, you need to make sure you plan on taking on the right breed. The right breed will vary depending on all kinds of factors. Are you living alone, or with family? Do you have lots of energy, or barely any at all? You need to pick a dog that will complement you when it comes to your living arrangements, energy, and more. Only then will you and your dog both be ecstatic with the living arrangement.


Make Sure You Can Commit Financially


Getting a dog is a big financial commitment. You need to make sure that you can afford the ongoing costs that come with a dog, and even some costs that you probably didn’t plan for. You’ll need to buy food, equipment, accessories, toys, and even things like panacur for dogs. You can’t get a dog and then complain when you have to pay for things for them. They can hardly do it themselves! If you’re unsure, research typical dog ownership costs to make sure you can afford it.  


Make Sure the Novelty Won’t Wear Off


The idea of getting a dog can be so exciting, but the novelty can wear off. This is sadly why so many dogs end up being sold to shady people or put in shelters. This definitely isn’t fair on them! Make sure you’re not going to allow the novelty to wear off and you’re in this for the entirety of your dog’s life.




Make Sure You Have Time and Space


You must have enough time to commit to your dog. Regardless of the amount of exercise they need, they still need to spend quality time with you. They need stimulation and excitement, just like you do! You also need to make sure they have enough space.  


Consider Changes to Your Lifestyle


Will there be any changes to your lifestyle? Will you move? Become a parent? If so, it’s probably best to wait. Changes like this can be difficult on dogs and if you don’t know how to handle it, it can make the situation work.


Be Prepared to Train


Every good dog parent trains their dog properly. As soon as you get your dog, you need to start training them. You never need to use force or scare your dog. If you’re doing it right, you do this simply by being dominant. You’ll need to teach them the basics, and also let them know that you are the pack leader.
Being the best dog parent means being committed. You need to be prepared to exercise your dog, spend time with your dog, and support your dog financially. You need to be in it for the long haul. If you are, you’ll find dog ownership a rewarding experience!