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Hundreds and thousands of coffee mug options are available in the market. Hence, it is not that easy to choose the one which suits your taste. It is because the mugs available in the market do not get created with the same consideration. For making the best choice, you require some handy guidelines. Hence, a detailed understanding of this article will be beneficial for you. Different sizes and styles of DIY sublimation are available in the market. From clear texture to plain white, you can look into multiple options. There is nothing called the wrong choice when it comes to coffee mugs. It banks on your sense of style and expectation. When you have decided on the size, shape, style, and color, it will guide you in selecting the mug. There's nothing better than a high-quality finished product, to show off to your friends and family. 


Before you select the mug for the DIY sublimation, you must understand what the process is. It is the procedure of transferring images directly from the substrate to an especially coated item with the help of pressure and heat. DIY sublimation has now become a household name that uses inkjet printers for the procedure. Particular ink printers, special paper, and other equipment are required to go about the process. For transferring the image to the specially coated item, you have to control the light source. Hence, it requires an initial investment to start the process. Whether you are working with cork coasters, ceramic mugs, and other items, DIY sublimation is a beneficial procedure.


Essential steps involved in the DIY sublimation procedure


Since there are many items on which the DIY sublimation process uses, you must note the different steps that make up the process. First and foremost, you have to set up the image, which is the main factor. The quality of the resource or the image is a determining factor that plays a significant role. Keep in mind that the ink is translucent and thereby relies on the background.

In addition to this, trimming the size of the image needs crucial attention. For this, special cutters are available in the market. It all depends on which size you want to circulate in the market. Setting the press is another area to contemplate. Since the procedure relies on the transfer of solid inks into vapor form, you require heat. Thus, firm pressure becomes necessary for ensuring that the image sticks to the surface. Lastly, examining the final item is a must. The company you are going to choose for your printing issues must take these steps seriously. Hence, look into their background before the final selection.


Never leave out quality coating


Are you aware of quality coating? During the sublimation process, the ink used penetrates the polymer coating. Hence, if you go for higher quality, you are expected to get high-quality finished products. Apart from the layer, the process of application also becomes significant. Low-grade spaces may create defects on the surface. It leads to dust accumulation on the mug that affects the final look. Hence, it starts looking like pimples on the surface. If you do not want to experience these things, pay attention to quality coating.


If you use dishwashers, you must be extra safe


Different types of coatings on the surface are not dishwasher safe. It means that it will fade away on exposure to high temperatures. The dishwasher usually works on high temperature and harsh washing methods. Hence, the coating becomes vital so that you can ensure that the finish does not fade away. Never go for low-quality mugs which claim to be dishwasher safe. There are different horror stories associated with these typical purchases.


What are you interested in, bright colors or pale ones?  


A white substrate is best while working with a DIY sublimation process. It helps in creating accurate colors which look best on your coffee mug. PrintBest print on demand uses highly polished drinkware with a bright white appearance. It helps in providing ultra-sharp and accurate images with brilliant colors. It is a leading reason why their products are performing well in the market. On the other hand, if you have selected discolored or slightly yellow mugs, you cannot expect a high-quality finished product. Hence, the color becomes a very crucial and significant deterministic element of the quality of the mug.


Ensure that the mug you have purchased is certified for foodstuff contact. It means that it has a certificate of being used for different types of drinks. You must be wondering why you must look into this aspect? It is because all mugs do not come with the required certification. Hence, it is helpful for decoration purposes.


Look into different options of the DIY sublimation process so that you can expand your options. Various options of coffee mugs are available in the market. Hence, paying attention to these crucial aspects is vital to use the coffee mug for a long time.

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