All little girls want their own baby dolls. I know when we were growing up we had it all, the dolls and carriages and high chairs. So di my niece when she was growing up. Now that I have been caring for my younger one I have been looking at all of the little girl toys, and the cute dolls.

This Muffin baby doll arrives dressed warmly in pale pink cosy pajamas and a white wool knit cap. She has no hair which means no fuss; perfect for toddlers! Shes to cute my niece tells me why doesn't her hair grow. She shouldnt be bald. Shes to cute she has us watch her while she goes shopping and makes her bottle, these days remind me of my older niece she always had my mom babysitting.



The Gotz Muffin Doll with no hair and dark pink outfit has bright blue eyes that open and close. The eyelashes have been specially designed to fit the baby. She has no hair just like most newborn babies. The Gotz Muffin Doll is wearing a dark pink velour hat on her bald head. She is wearing a matching dark pink velour sleeper that is soft to the touch. On the front of the sleeper is a maroon and yellow bow. On each arm is the same maroon bow. The collar of the pink sleeper is white with delicate stars of yellow and pink. The skin on the HABA Muffin Doll has been specially designed to be soft to the touch just like a newborn baby. Her arms and legs are movable. The body has been filled with fine granulates and wool so the baby is cuddly and last for years and years. This is an original Gotz baby doll that has been made in Germany. The Muffin Doll is perfect for children three to five years and older. This would be an excellent baby doll for any Gotz collector and an added addition to any baby doll collection.

About Gotz Products: Gotz dolls encourage creative and educational play. These dolls are high quality and meticulously crafted. All of their clothing, including button-holes, pockets, embroidery etc. is realistic and true to life. All materials used to make these dolls are tested according to strict guidelines and contain no harmful dyes and plasticizers.

About Gotz: In 1950, Franz and Marianne Goetz started to create and manufacture dolls. Thanks to their dedication to quality and playability, their business grew rapidly. The family owned company is now in its 2nd generation and proud to look back to 60 successful years.


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