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If you ever admired hair braids on somebody and how great it looked, you are not alone.  I have, and in fact know people who get them and actually do them, so I have seen and heard the stories on both ends.  One thing that matches up though is that it takes hours. It also is very expensive having someone do that, probably because it takes so long.  I could not believe when I heard how long it took.  I guess I am just used to doing one braid on someone and voila, done.  This is an art form.

If you are not good yourself at braiding or really do not know someone who is that great at it, then buying hair braids or faux locs  is the way to go to be sure that you have perfect braids every time without the time it takes or even if your hair is not the length to get the desired effect you want of the braids.


The thing that amazed me is that you don't actually have to buy hair braids that LOOK braided – they even come in curls, deep wave, loose wave, and what they call ocean wave which is pretty much just wavy to me and water wave which looks like really tight spiral curls.  They also have straight ones which I am not about to even pretend I understand because I am not a hair expert but it is interesting to see all the varieties they have and the fact that you can pretty much get anything without having to sit there for hours having someone do it to your own hair. They even have short hair and longer hair, so you can really get whatever you want for any hairstyle you want.

I think the most desirable reason to do this though is the fact that the hair is already braided and will look  exactly how it is going to look on you, so no surprises and since it is already done and ready no time sitting there getting your own hair braided, the hard part is done already! This is great for anybody who wants to save time and not be there for hours getting their braids done, so anyone with a busy schedule or even hairdressers that want to save some time or do not do the best braids can benefit! Believe me, if I went to someone who could show me the exact braids I would be getting instead of just saying one thing and showing me a picture and then having to do it themselves where it might not look the same exactly, I would definitely choose that route.

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