As per the National Retail Federation’s yearly survey, this Halloween US consumers will spend more than $25 on average on treats only. Add the costs of decoration, meals, and parties to the ever-exploding expenditures of the holiday and you’ll find yourself worrying. However, there’s no reason to fret as you can always celebrate on a budget by simply being wise with how much you spend and where you do so.

Talking about your spending on gifts, you can reduce costs here easily by purchasing cheap gifts for children. As for gifts for adults, guess your family can agree to not spend on those. So, what are some less expensive presents that you can give to the younger members of the family? We’ve compiled a Halloween gifts guide for kids to help you out here:

1 – Creepy movies 


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If your kid is the introvert type then the best present to give is a bunch of Halloween movies. It’s not uncommon of people to huddle together to watch spooky movies together when this holiday drops. This is why we have Halloween movies on our Halloween gifts guide for kids. Some movies that you can add to the stack include The Corpse Bride, Ghostbusters, Spirited Away, and Monster House. 


2 – Halloween crayons 


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The next item on our Halloween gifts guide for kids are Halloween-themed crayons. If your kid is the artistic kind, encourage him to pursue his creativity. He can spend time coloring with his crayons over the weekend. This will also be a gift that he’d admire as it would align with his interests. Furthermore, your little one will also know that his passion for art is supported by you.

3 – Treat tote bag


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Halloween is an exciting event for children in particular because it means they get to roam outdoors with their friends wearing fun costumes and collecting candies. To store all the toffees and chocolates that they’re going to get as part of the trick-or-treating ritual, they need bags. So, it makes sense that we have treat bags with Halloween prints on our Halloween gifts guide for kids. 

4 – Candy jar


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Another lovely present that is on our Halloween gifts guide for kids is a candy jar. A spooky candy jar would help your child keep his treats safe in a box that he likes. It’s a lot more fun to celebrate the event by placing treats in such jars rather than storing them in paper or plastic bags. Even once Halloween is over, the jar can be used to keep different collectibles. 

5 – Board games 


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A fun gift that wouldn’t burden your pocket are board games. You can give your children a snakes-and-ladders game or scrabble. Board games are good to boost the brain’s working so you can also play with your child. A game such as scrabble can be a great resource to teach your kids some vocabulary too. If you want you can also get Halloween-themed games. 

6 – Pumpkin night light 

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Night lights make for an amazing gift since they make the room look so much better along with amply brightening it at nighttime. Children especially like night lights as they don’t prefer their room to be completely dark at bedtime. That said, if your child is creeped out by spooky characters it may not be a good idea to give him a scary pumpkin night light.

7 – Cat earrings 


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This present on our Halloween gifts guide for kids is for the girls. Your girl child would find Halloween-themed earrings such as cat, pumpkin or bat earrings a valuable gift for the occasion. She can even wear the earrings for the duration of the celebrations. Similarly, you can also get her Halloween-themed bracelets or other jewelry. 

8 – Skull keychain 

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You can easily buy a skull keychain for your child from any local store. If you don’t have the time, just hop on the internet and order small gifts such as this one from online stores that are cheap. Etsy and eBay are two great places to start your search. Keychains make for a useful gift since they stay on the zippers of bags for a long time, often until they don’t get rusted. 


9 – Halloween tee 


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Adding to our list of Halloween gifts guide for kids we have Halloween-themed t-shirts. If you are looking for cheaper options you can check out local shops. Or a better idea would be to buy branded shirts by using Halloween coupon codes and deals. You can conveniently find discount codes online. This way, you will be able to fetch quality products without having to spend too many bucks. 

10 – Printed mug

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On number 10, we have on our list a printed mug. You can get Halloween mugs from any small store online for a small price. Or you can even buy custom-made mugs with your children’s names on them. If you would like to add a personal touch and you have painting skills, simply take plain mugs and get to work. DIY gifts are always more memorable even though cheaper. 

11 – Spider fluff toy 


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If your child is fond of fluff toys and doesn’t mind creepy ones, then a spider fluff toy would be a present he’d like. Fluff toys can stay on the bed for a long time even after the occasion is old. Again, if your child is the sort who easily gets spooked out, it would be a better idea to choose another item from this Halloween gifts guide for kids.

12 – Gift card 


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Last but not the least, for the kids who are very picky about what they like, a gift card would do. This would give your child the liberty to get himself whatever he prefers. You can give him a gift card of a toy store or one of a book store. The latter is a good one because by getting a book of his choice, your child will come toward reading and reaping its many benefits. 

With this, we’re wrapping up our Halloween gifts guide for kids. Which of these did you like best? Tell us in the comments!

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