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Halloween Spider Cupcakes

Halloween is almost here. Now is the perfect time to make some tasty treats with your little ones to take to friends, family or teachers for gifts. Or to just enjoy at home! I love decorating the house and making special treats. Today I decided to try my hand at making these super cute spider cupcakes. They didn’t look too challenging. At least on the package.

I saw the Wilton kit while I was at the store picking up decorations and I thought it was so adorable! But the kit only makes 12 spider cupcakes. And it doesn’t come with the frosting, tip or bag. Inside the kit are the sugar eyes, little feet on toothpicks and cupcake liners. The rest you will have to swing down the baking aisle to grab.

I chose to go with a basic chocolate cake recipe in hopes that it would blend in well with the black frosting and hide any spots I may miss. There were just a little over 2 dozen cupcake liners in my kit so I had plenty for making my cupcakes with a few left over. Also, you need your cupcakes to be completely cool or the frosting will run off them. So, I suggest making your cupcakes either the night before or early in the morning and let cool for a few hours.

Wilton Spider Cupcake KitNow, you can make your own black frosting or cheat and pick up the black frosting in the piping bag. I chose to cheat. I’ll take any little shortcut I can get! I also picked up a little packet of tips so I could just screw them on to the prepackaged black frosting.

WIlton Decorated Spider CupcakesOnce you have your cooled cupcakes, black frosting prepped and your eyes and feet laid out you are ready to assemble! This is a great time to bring the kids in and let them help. Though I will warn you, they probably won’t be able to do the frosting part. It takes a lot of squeezing and control. My hands started to hurt after the first half dozen and we made two dozen! (I bought 2 kits)

First, take your cupcake and start working from the outside in. Create one circle of spikes and then move in and create the second circle, repeat until you fill the whole top of the cupcake. To create the spike, squeeze a nice amount, until you see it start to spread, then ease off the pressure but still squeeze as you pull up. Quit squeezing and pull away when you have the desired length of spike.  It does take a little practice to get it down but by the second cupcake I had it down.

Wilton Spider CupcakesAfter you have the spikes done you are ready to add the eyes and feet! I let Peyton do this part. She had a blast adding the little eyes and feet to each cupcake.

I thought they turned out pretty good!

Now, you don’t have to buy the kit. You could purchase the eyes and cupcake liners separately. And then, find some clip art on the computer and print out little feet and glue them to toothpicks.  I’ll probably go that route next year. But this year, I needed to save time and wanted some cute cupcake so I opted for the kit.

I also picked up a few cupcakes boxes while at the store so we could gift these to Peyton’s teachers. They all thought we bought them at a bakery! These would be perfect for a fall bake sale or hostess gift.

Decorated Spider Cupcakes

I’ve included a few links so you can purchase everything you need to make your own spider cupcakes at home! Just know, that if you do decide to purchase through one of my links I do earn a slight commission. It costs you nothing extra to purchase through one of my links it just helps to support myself and Peyton.


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