Fathers day is one of those great big holidays and I miss my daddy, QVC got ahold of me to add some of the nicest things to my blog and I was so excited too. Never did I think QVC would ask me.

HALO Men's Wallet with 3000 mAh Charger and RFID Technology my better half loved this wallet , and I used it to charge the IPAd when we were coming home from Hilton Head, it's a great wallet and inside there is a battery pack that allows you the chance to charge your cell phone as well as a IPAd, Ipod who would ever think of such a great thing. And you can use it on a Iphone as well as a Ipad and a Ipod. So many things you can use it for.

Tech-savvy necessity meets fashion-forward accessory in this revolutionary HALO charging wallet with RFID technology. A great gift for the device-loving dude in your life, the HALO wallet charger takes tech savvy to a whole new level.

What makes the HALO wallet charger special? It combines two must-have items: a snazzy, functional wallet and an all-in-one portable charger. Simply charge it up at home, grab it on the way out, and there's no need to worry about remembering extra cords and cables. Even better, RFID technology helps protect your information and helps guard against identity theft.

Ray loves this wallet and the fact he had lost his when he went back to Jersey , this was a great surprise for him, And the fact that he can charge his game when we are on the move is even better. Now he can play his game and not get upset when it dies..


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