Hangerjack is a great product. This is a great idea. I had installed it in my laundry room. The hangerjack comes with instructions on how to hang it on the wall where there is studs and when you don't have studs where you want to hang it.
Usually when doing laundry you have to take out the dress clothes and lay them down on the counter or somewhere else hoping they won't get wrinkled. Well not anymore. Just pull the hanger jack down and you can hang your clothes from it. Helps you while you are doing laundry take the clothes and put them away. Just fold the hanger jack up and it isn't taking up any space or in your way. You can use the hanger jack in any room. You can hang it in your room where you can hang your clothes while you are trying them on and not wrinkling them.

When clothes are on it it is very sturdy. I didn't think it would of held up the clothes without bending. I really like the fact that my clean clothes didn't end up on the floor. For more information click here.



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