Hanging Items Made Easy

Hanging Items And Decorating Made Easy

Have you ever wanted to scream while hanging a shelf or a picture frame?  I know that I have!  It feels impossible to measure and mark the spot, let alone making sure it's level.  I've hung many pictures in my house that I had to take down and do over because it looked crooked.  Boy, I wish I would've had the Hang-O-Matic back then!  It would have made my life a little easier, for sure.  This cool device lets you measure, level, and mark the wall all at the same time.  I used it the other day to put up an outside light for my Mom and it worked like a charm.

Hanging Items Made Easy

Measure, Level, And Mark

So, the Hang-O-Matic has these little, pointed anchors that you use to measure the hanging mounts on your selected picture.  It pulls out just like a tape measure and will extend up to 6 feet.  Then, you match the measurements up to your wall while watching the bubble on the level.  Next, (my favorite part) is when you mark it with the pointed anchors.  You simply push the points into the wall and it makes two little indents so that you know where to put your nails.  It's so darn easy!  Now you can hang your picture without worrying whether it's straight or not.

Hanging Items Made Easy

Developed Out Of Necessity

The Hang-O-Matic was developed by a husband and wife team.  They were new homeowners and we all know what that is like.  You want to decorate your new walls and make it “your place”.  However, hanging up pictures and shelves isn't all fun and games.  It used to be a pain!  Enter this new device that, thankfully, they have made.  I'm in love with it and I know it would make a great gift.  Especially for anyone just moving or even decorators.  I'm not good with tools but I'm here to tell you that this was very easy to use.  If I can do it, anyone can!

Hanging Items Made Easy

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Hanging Items Made Easy

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