Having the trip to Tennessee this summer we were able to take in this attraction also, this was truly fun again it was me , my brother-in-law and my niece my sister had to wait for us in the van with my nephew .
You enter are giving gloves so that you dont smudge the glass because most of the time you will have your hands stretched out touching the mirrors trying to figure out what way to go. When you first start you are in this room where they tell you the story and scenes pop up and you listen to it ,




we spent a whole lot of time trying to figure out how to get out of there and laughing the whole time we ended up at a dead-end. At one time we lost my brother-in-law and thought he was so far ahead of us and he was actually next to us. We spent so much time laughing and having so much fun. My niece thought it was great and so did we. It honestly took a boy who was Autistic to help us find our way out how funny is that. For kids of all ages who love to have a good time this is for them .


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The maze, fiendishly designed by labyrinth-maker Adrian Fisher, configures hundreds of identical mirrored archways and continually color-shifting LED lights to add to its confusion. You will, at some point, have the sinking feeling that you may not ever make it out.

This is not an attraction for the claustrophobic or those prone to panic attacks.

Tej Sundher, one of the maze's owners, told us that Hannah's has proved surprisingly popular with the young, who embrace its low-tech interactivity. It succeeds in contrast to the 5-D “Castle of Chaos” next door, which supposedly eats up more processing power than any other attraction on the planet — and yet has been down for repairs both times when we've visited.

Simple-yet-effective Hannah's is the clear winner of this duo; our advice if you go is to grope your way in until you can follow someone who seems to know where they're going.

So if your ever in Pigeon Forge Tennessee  why not check them out

For more info you can go here



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