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While children are growing up, they crave attention as well as plenty of interaction. They want to see, taste, touch, and experience the world fully hands on. For me, I sometimes feel guilty when I can not give my babies all the attention they deserve. However, what makes me feel better, is knowing that I have educational and meaningful toys at their disposal. Toys that can enlighten them in the mean time while I get chores done. For me, the best toys are manufactured by Hape. I can not say enough good things about the value of their toys and the enhanced quality of life they bring.

Great For Babies and Pre-Schoolers

Hape designs toys for children, specifically babies to pre-school aged. Their focus promotes imagination and creativity. When children get lost in their fun imaginative play, they build upon their social skills with others. They learn things about themselves. For instance, sharing, caring and having a great time conversing. For me, I love watching my children come to realization on problem solving and conceptual thinking. When I see them stack blocks or piece puzzles together to solve riddles, it brings me just as much excitement as it does for them. Because of solving and thinking, children also get to fine tune their motor skills when playing with Hape toys. Best of all, just getting them physically active instead of sitting for long periods watching television is a win-win in my book.

Great Selection

The variety and selection you can choose from Hape toys is just magnificent. There is a a design and type that falls into almost every category. You get the builders, the medical field, the chefs and cooks, as well as the musical instruments, the puzzles, shapes, walkers, scooters, and pulling things. There is even a solar system puzzle and a master workbench. All these for children, so that imagination can take them anywhere.

Xylophone with Puzzle

There are a few toys that I like to rave about when I can. Hape’s Shape Sorter Xylophone for ages twelve months and above is one of my favorites. It’s a seven piece set that is a puzzle and a piano. I truly love all the details from the keyboards, the ring of each sound, the prongs under the keys that hit it when the shoes are pushed.

The shapes come out and can be put back as puzzle games. Then the baton is even a work of art itself, with musical notes engraved on it to showcase more of the musical world for the child. The smooth wood work and the hook to hold the baton so it doesn’t get lost, as well as the vibrant colors are all so cleverly executed. The toy is one of my child’s favorite, because who doesn’t like making noise and playing at the same time?

My First Blocks

The other Hape toy I love are the First Blocks. They are also great for ages twelve months and upward and come with eighty pieces. Babies love to stack them up high and see how far they can go without toppling down. The wooden blocks are high quality, with smooth finishes, and wonderfully painted colors. It comes in a package where the lid of the box is a shape sorter. Children can clean up and sort at the same time, learning shapes and building their complex thinking.

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