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Happy Birthday Bird

Growing up we had the best partys, this year kids’ parties are so different. No big parties and with this virus going around, kids seem to understand why there are no celebrations, that doesn’t mean you can’t have cake.

Recently my younger niece had a birthday while looking online for something I found the Happy Birthday Bird and thought this would be the perfect gift. The birthday bird comes with a book, shows children how to “wake up” Happy to experience his magic and start celebrating! Happy’s uplifting story will inspire children to overcome their challenges as they discover how Happy learned to fly and follow his dreams—to help children have the best birthdays possible year after year!


She was so excited to get him, and she loves happy she walks around the house with him. Takes him everywhere and never leaves him alone, its cute to see her loving on him, as I said she’s one happy little girl. Happy is the official birthday bird who flies from TuYu, the Land of Birthdays, to help celebrate any child’s birthday.

Happy can change places, he can be in one place and then the next day another, he will always be around and she looks for him when she doesn’t see him. Anyone she knows has to meet him. he sits on her bed when she’s in there and is never far, it amazing that this bird has bought, her a lot of joy.

Cuddle up and discover Happy’s story for yourselves. Read the book and interact with Happy—this will bring him to life! Snap photos with Happy and keep them safe inside these pages. Record your special birthday memories—all those moments that stir your soul, melt your heart, or make you laugh so hard you cry.
For your birthday bird needs head over to Happy The Birthday Bird and see why she , loves him so.