I found this poem that I found fitting for you, I use to be able to write poems like crazy and since daddy passed I can't. If only we could have one more day with you and daddy. You would be so happy with the things we been doing as a family lately. I know you and daddy would love Tennessee i t's so beautiful and the cabins are so nice. Daddy would have been playing the racing game with Devon. He sees a picture of you and daddy and says pop pop and Gma so he knows who you are. And being in Florida and the ocean we know how you loved that mommy. There so many times Kelly and I will just look at each other and say I wish mommy and daddy were here. The day you two passed are days that will haunt us forever and your birthdays make us sad , but we know the two are you are happy and together.

Happy Birthday Mommy I love And Miss you today and everyday . This poem is beautiful

As each passing day goes by
A tear falls from my eye
With each day passing me
A memory comes to mind
Without you by my side
Tears and memories compile
Until we meet again
My memories will form a mountain
A mountain unclimbable
My tears will form an ocean
An ocean uncrossable
You are my angel
You are my light
Guiding me through my days
And protecting my nights
You may be gone
But you’re not forgotten
You’re my angel now
But my Mommy you'll be
Until we meet again
I cry these tears
I release these memories
I shall climb my mountain
I will cross my ocean
One day soon
I will be at your side
I will be in your arms
I shall be safe once more

Happy Birthday Mommy
Love will be on the wings of my angel!

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