Being a mother is a messy job, especially when you have a newborn, two boys, two cats and a dog in the house. There is NEVER something that does not need to be cleaned, washed or wiped up. While everyday might be a challenge to keep up with one thing I do know is that the last thing my house needs is cleaners and chemicals to be sprayed daily. Some of the most toxic chemicals are the ones used in daily household cleaners. This is just not acceptable to me and not something I want to introduce to my families lives.

That is why I typically rely on two main methods of cleaning products, DIY home cleaners and products that are Eco friendly, plant based and without chemicals. This also means struggling to find products that in fact actually do what they say they do,and really have the chemical free compounds they claim to have. I am sure most of use by now are familiar with the the products you can find at your local stores but what about online? Online there are a ton of retailers and it can be tough to know which ones to try and use.

EverydayThat is why I was so pleased to have EverydayHappy products delivered directly to my front door. EverydayHappy products are a great plant based line of household products that was developed by parents for their own homes who wanted to keep chemicals away from their families as much as we all do. Additionally, they wanted to have a product that was so much more than just a cleaner or a diaper wipe.

EverydayHappy commits to having a product that is always:

  • Giving Back- A portion of all proceeds goes directly to UNICEF to help children in need
  • Made of Natural Ingredients- Working as a member of the Organic Trade Association by promoting the value of organic farming to those who can change the conversation in the modern agricultural industry
  • Cruelty Free- Products are never tested on animals
  • Put Quality First- Providing naturally-sourced, carcinogen-free products that are thoughtfully designed to be effective and dependable, but don’t compromise on style or affordability.

happyEvery since my son was old enough to start smelling, I have tried just about every Laundry Soap I could to get his clothes smelling fresh and not dingy I made DYI soap, and even tried the name brand products that I hate using. Nothing worked so when I got to try EverydayHappy's Laundry Soap I was not expecting much different. How on earth could a lightly scented soap do anything different? Boy, was I wrong! I finally have a soap that actually gets the stench out of my 12 year old's nasty clothing! Additionally, what I found was that all their cleaning products worked better than much of what I had used before! If a better cleaned house was not good enough, I also had softer hair from EverydayHappy shampoo/body wash and I really enjoyed not having a lotion that left on a greasy film after putting it on.

Everyday HappyEverydayHappy has products for everyone including Home Care, Bath and Body Care, Baby Care and Vitamins you can even sign up to get a FREE Trial Kit or Kits if you like, delivered directly to your door for you to try as well for just the shipping cost. I am sure that you will find that these products not only suit your home but were made for your home just like I did.

Be sure to visit EveryDayHappy and get your Free Trial Kit today and be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and their BlogDisclosure-edited



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