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There are no words to descibe my daddy except he was the rock that held this family together. I am a daddys girl and proud to say this.

I think of you every day since you have died…

my father..I hope you’ve been resting well..

visiting your grave more often is what I’ve tried…

but as Father’s day approaches it makes my eyes swell.


People ask me “ what will you buy for your dad?”

I tell them “the same thing I get every year.”

They ask “ what does he like SO much?”

I say “flowers arranged as such.”

and just to let him know that I am near.


The hardest part for me is to sit on this grave…

but I make sure I do it from time to time,

and I know you’re in the Lord’s hands

we realize God has his own plans

yet, I resent he no longer let you be mine.


You’re in Heaven now and I MUST understand…

but, nine years back I didn’t wanna let go,

when we heard those words hes gone

I love you, Dad, and I know you love Heaven…

so now I have simply one last thing to say,

I have been missing you so bad

and I am proud you were my dad

God bless your soul, and happy Father’s day!!


Miss you and love you so much, Dad….

I got this poem off  M.Leyva,  June, 2006 blog i just changed a couple of words to match when daddy passed

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  1. courtney hennagir says:

    thank you for sharing this. my dad has been gone for almost 4 years and every day is a and hugs to you this fathers day.

  2. Maryann D. says:

    This is very nice. My dad passed only a month ago, so this is a very hard day for me. I know there are others who are sad also, but we do have many wonderful memories of our dad’s.

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