If you know us then you know , we love to spoil our fur babies as well as the nephew and niece fur babies.  Loving pets have some of the best healthy et snacks , we have found date. Join the Pet Snack Food Revolution with these low fat, guilt-free, 100% made in the USA, air-puffed treats. With only 10 calories per treat, 100% all natural Puffsters are crunchy and flavorful. They have no additives, glycerin, preservatives, soy or corn. Puffsters are a perfect training treat, or are a great snack for your pet – any time! With more than 50 treats per bag, Puffsters are extremely affordable.

All of the dogs went  crazy for these they loved the flavor  them.  Anytime they hear the bag , they all come running. Always looking for the next  treat. Yes they are some spoiled babies.

Puffsters Apple and Chicken Snack Chips

puffsters_apple_chicken_5100_d Your pet will crave these crunchy, delicious, guilt-free snack treats. Puffsters are 100% made in the USA. At less than 10 calories per treat, Puffsters make the perfect training treat or any-time snack. Each bag of Puffsters is foil lined and zipper sealed for freshness. Made using 100% all natural chicken and apples, they will keep your dog fit, healthy and satisfied.



puffsters_banana_chicken_5110_d Made using 100% all natural chicken and bananas, they will keep your dog fit, healthy and satisfied.




puffsters_cranberry_chicken_5130_dMade using 100% all natural chicken and cranberries, they will keep your dog fit, healthy and satisfied.


puffsters_sweet_potato_chicken_5120_dMade using 100% all natural chicken and sweet potato, they will keep your dog fit, healthy and satisfied.

What about bowls, they have a great selection of all kinds of bowls, we take the smaller babies with us when we can. So having these extra bowls do come in handy.

7552_dolce_double_diners_espresso_dLive the sweet life with our Dolce Double Diners and Dolce Dishes. All Dolce diners and dishes feature removable, bacteria resistant stainless steel bowls in durable plastic or rubber bases. All Dolces include removable skid-free rubber feet or rings (except for the all-rubber base Dolce Flex Diner) to help ensure quiet, spill-free dining. Dolce Double Diners and Dishes are available in a variety of shapes /styles and colors to match any décor

We love this design as well as the others we have  got.  All the dog and cat bowls are great, and do come in handy when we need them for a trip.

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Would  you want these for your pet?

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  1. momknowsbest15 says:

    These look like people food. I bet dogs would love these.

  2. The flavors make me laugh. I wonder if my son’s dog would like chicken and bananas.

  3. I can see why your pups love these treats! They seem really high quality and healthy.

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