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Sure there are plenty of places to order gifts online now a days. But what about ordering something with heart, personality, and personalization. When I want to make someone feel special and loved, I know going the extra steps makes all the difference. What I mean is have you ever received a gift and felt like it was so random? Like there was no personalization for you? I know the gift is in the thought, and receiving a gift is not a right but a privilege. But when I receive a gift, I felt like there was thought behind, I feel more cherished and love, because there was actual effort put forth in my gift. One of the best places to order an amazing gift for someone you love is the Happy Box.

The Happy Box does something unique, because they create curated boxes with fun, pretty, and festive things to make it easy for someone like me, to create an order and send to someone I love!

How It Works

How it works is you would choose a box design. There’s a fun purple geometric pattern, a black and white pattern, and a tropical leaves pattern. Then you would chose the gifts you would like included. There are preset ones, or you can pick and choose specifically which one you want included. The options at the Happy Box store are various and fun. Things like face masks, wine accessories, and candy just to name a few!


If you chose a curated box, themes include: the Mother’s Day box, the Birthday box, the Breakup box, the Happy Easter box, the Sunshine box, the Engagement box, the Baby Bump box, the Get Well box, and the Wanderlust box. They all have themed gifts included in each box. But again, you are always allowed to make your own box. The gifts are on the website with the price of each item, to make it easy to shop. Then, you pick a card! The card is the special added personalization part, because Happy Box will take the time to personally write your custom message. It is just the right touch, to making someone feel like they are important and truly cared about.

Mother's Day Box

Since I am a mom, and Mother’s Day is right around the corner, I gave the Mother’s Day Box a try. And what I am about to tell you, is that I Ioved every gift that was hand picked to be in the box. I felt like the gifts were inspirational, and reached out to me. Like it knew, what I needed, and I could have it. I know that other Mom’s are well deserving to receive such pretty gifts, and that everyone should try the Happy Box when thinking of sending gifts out to your lady friends!

Themed Gifts Inside

The Mother’s Day box was so fun to unwrap. The packaging arrived like a present, and the box I received was the black and white option. Inside, my gifts sat on shredded paper, making the presentation a gift in itself. What was included, was five heart warming items and a pretty floral card with a handwritten note inside. The chocolate bar, I would say was my favorite! It is Cabernet Sauvignon Unroasted dark chocolate.  The size of 1.8 oz, just enough to make me feel so spoiled! It’s safe to eat as it is vegan, gluten, soy, and nut free! To pair perfect with the dark chocolate bar, was the Cup of Love tea. The tea is a hand blended loose leaf herbal tea without caffeine. I really enjoyed letting this tea steep in my cup so all the aroma and flavors come out. It was truly relaxing to drink.


Most times, I like jotting on pen and paper my ideas for an event, or things that need to get done. And to match the Mother’s Day theme, was a floral notepad and the prettiest rose gold pen. Using this set to write, made me feel so fancy! The ink in the pen writes well, and it is black ink! Now what is a gift box without a touch of beauty. That’s where I enjoyed treating myself to the Red Wine Mask Sheet. I can’t believe it is real red wine that is infused into the sheet.

I had no idea that red wine could tighten uneven skin texture with enlarged pores. There is also a two ounce lavender body butter container that has the creamiest butter to smooth on my arms and legs! The scent of the lavender is really refreshing, and makes me smell so good! Lastly, the handwritten note was very sweet. I felt like this whole box was designed just for me.

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