If you are anything like me you have no idea what to get your husband for Christmas is not an easy job. Even though I love him and know everything there is to about him it's still very stressful because you wan to make sure to get the best gift . And what do you get the man who has almost everything he wanted or needs. And not to mention the added stress that its your husband and not just any gift will do , like a family member you want the best for him.

If your like me married for a long time and have pretty much got him everything then here are some ideas,
Try and find out what his hobbies are if he's into golfing and still rents his golf , you can either get him some or give her a gift card and he can purchase his own.

Or if hes the out door type and always is out side you can either get him a MP3 or a Ipod and he would be able to down load his favorite music on it without any problems, and would enjoy that.

If your afraid of getting him a git he already has then you can always get him some cologne what man doesnt like to smell good , and if he already has that one  them he can have a back up. . If uses it often then you can't go wrong with that .

Or you can always buy him a tie, sweater , sweats, shirts, pants  with the always changing trends what man doesnt want to keep up with the new styles. and if simply cannot figure out what to get him , ask him to write you a list of things he wants or plans to get and choose a couple of things from that list  and surprise him with them.

Whatever you decide im sure he will love it .

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