Being intimate with your partner is such a huge part of a healthy relationship, read more on Love Dignity. There are so many times where intimacy issues can come up.  There can be issues before intimacy with you and your partner before you even actually become intimate. I know for me personally after having plenty of failed and abusive relationships in my past, becoming intimate with my husband was very hard initially. After spending years in physically and emotionally abusive relationships, I no longer valued myself as a human being. So when my husband wanted to take our relationship to the next step, I was overly anxious about it. Getting through these times were so challenging for both of us.


Wanting to get help for myself, to ultimately help my husband and I gain the ability to be intimate with one another without the anxiety it was causing me. I searched the internet and came across ReGain. There I was able to answer step by step questions to find me the perfect match for a counseling service. I was able to pick a gender-specific counselor which can be so important. Especially when talking about issues I have had in past relationships, and abuse.

ReGain has great staff, and I was able to sit in the comfort of my own home, making my sessions much less stressful than times I have tried to seek help in the past. The  ReGain counselor that was chosen for me, was able to help listen to the problems I was facing, and offer me sound advice. I have used counseling services in the past, and it took so much longer to open up to them in a weird room, with face to face interaction. This process helps accelerate getting you help more quickly if you also have those same feeling walking into a counseling office.

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