In my years of living, I have had a few long term relationships. All of my long term relationships, except my current one, I have had awful and dramatic break ups with my significant others. With all that trauma, I always found myself getting into a “rebound relationship.” For those who may not know what a “rebound relationship” is a relationship you get into quickly after ending your previous relationship. Typically these relationships happen after a long and hard break up.


I found for me personally, after ending a relationship with someone I had been with for years, I personally missed having that person to talk to at home. Keeping up with the pace of feeling normal. Or even not feeling alone when I was out with all of my friends who were with their own significant others. I would also find myself comparing my new relationship to my old ones. As well as not treating the new person in my life with the respect that they may have deserved. Which just made things end badly.


Getting help from a professional through Regain, I realized that I was going about the healing process the wrong way. The counselors were able to walk me through my healing process, and teach me new coping mechanisms. Rather than jumping from person to person, I was able to heal and learn that it was ok to be alone. I didn’t need to have another person in my life to be able to prove to myself that I was happy.

Working with counselors from Regain seems to be so much easier for my then traditional counseling. You are able to go through a list of your personal preferences on a ton of different things to make sure that Regain can match you up with the perfect person to help you. You also are not stuck going into an office that you are not comfortable with. You are able to sit in your own home, and keep your safe space.

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