I have to admit that I don't love cooking. When I do have to cook (which is everyday), I prefer it take as little time as possible. But, it also has to taste good. Oh, and one more thing: I prefer to not eat a lot of meat. Is that too much to ask from a recipe? No, not with a new cookbook called Good Food Gratitude, by Hollan Hawaii, “a wife, mother, vegan chef, former restaurant owner, self-help junkie and now cookbook author” (taken from her website).


I've only had Hollan's cookbook for a couple of weeks, and so far I love it! It's super colorful, full of bright, vibrant photographs, and has tons of fun, yummy recipes. Most of the recipes look quick and easy and don't require a ton of ingredients. And, since they don't require a lot of ingredients, I'm more likely to have everything on hand (and don't have to make extra trips to the grocery store). And, in my humble opinion, this book's recipes seem more on the healthier side compared to my other cookbooks, which I appreciate because it encourages my family to eat more healthy.

So Many Delicious Recipes!

Some of the book's recipes include those for smoothies, salads, “dreamy soups,” main dishes, “Yums + Treats,” and much more! I can't wait to try so many recipes in this cookbook! And, Hollan includes lots of fun nutritional tidbits of information, which I love.

I made her “Curry in a Hurry,” an Indian dish of cauliflower curry and it turned out absolutely delicious. And, it was made “in a hurry”—meaning it really was a quick recipe to make, which I LOVE! I really like that it contained so many wonderful spices and veggies (carrots, cauliflower, and potatoes). And, most importantly, my whole family loved it!! The picture below is her “Curry in a Hurry” that I cooked up myself (I hope I didn't do her recipe injustice with my picture).

Hawaii 2

A Cookbook Makes A Fun, Useful Gift!

Valentine's Day is soon approaching and the Good Food Gratitude cookbook would make a very wonderful, unique, and useful gift for that someone special in your life! It would be a way to create memories as you spend time with one another as you cook together some of Hollan's delicious recipes. I, myself, can say this is one of my new favorite cookbooks! So, I highly recommend it. And, even if you're not vegan, you can still utilize the recipes. For the “Curry in a Hurry,” I just added cooked chicken after the recipe was prepared (since my family is full of those who eat meat). So check it out and see what you think!

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Good Food Gratitude – By Hollan Hawaii

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